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  • Comitup and DietPi - ready WiFi provisioning portal or minimal Pi image, pick one 3 April 2019

    The Raspberry Pi is an economical choice for IoT systems requiring solid processing power. Many projects rely on deploying such power

    • in multiple remote locations;
    • relying on unfamiliar WiFi networks;
    • with the help of...
    • Analog ECG amplifier 29 April 2017

      Years ago, a team consisting of Renata Rycyk, Sylwia Krysiak, and myself implemented a simple design of a one-channel amplifier for electrocardiogram signals. I have posted our work to highlight the potential pitfalls...

    • Power supply efficiency calculator 26 June 2016

      How much power is your charger or adapter using?

      The true electrical efficiency of a power supply can only be determined by measuring the average input and output power over a period of time. Lacking...